Deep Cove – Quarry Rock Hike

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View of Deep Cove


Quarry Rock Hike

Deep Cove has many wonderful aspects, not least the view. One way to see the cove from another perspective is to hike up to Quarry Rock, also known as Grey Rock Trail or Indian Arm Lookout Trail, each is just another name for the East portion of the Baden Powel trail. The hike is extremely enjoyable in its own right as you walk through the forest and over creeks, but the icing on the cake is once you reach Quarry Rock, with views of Deep Cove and the Indian Arm.

AccessQuarry Rock map

There’s a free parking lot just behind Panorama Park, about a 5 minute walk from the trail head. The trail head can be found just off Panorama Drive, lookout for the Baden Powell Trail sign. As you turn left off Panorama Drive it will feel like you’re walking up someone’s drive, stay left and head for the wooden steps. The wooden steps mark the start of the trail and from that point on the trail is well marked, all the way to the Quarry Rock lookout. The first kilometer is relatively steep, the second plateaus with a few moderate undulations over bridges and creeks.


There’s no loop for this trail, so you follow the trail back to the parking lot. The total distance of this hike is 4.2km and is considered easy compared to many others on the North Shore. You often see families walking the trail and you hear very few moans from the children, which indicates the relative ease of the route.

Don’t Forget

*Take water and possibly a snack for when you reach the lookout. Dogs are welcome.*










Indian Arm View

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