Lynn Headwaters Regional Park


Lynn Headwaters - Map

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park offers a wide variety of trails from short 1.5 hour hikes to longer day hikes, alternatively you can run the trails and reduce the hike times by about 50%.

Lynn Loop & Third Debris Chute Trails

If you’re a runner and prefer to run trails rather than pounding the pavement, I would strongly recommend you try running either the Lynn Loop (5.1km) or the Third Debris Chute (7.8km). If you’re running at a moderate pace the Lynn Loop will take you around 35/40 mins and the Third Debris Chute will take 1hr 10mins/1hr 30mins. If you’re running/hiking the trail in the summer months, i.e. when bears are awake, I would also strongly recommend you wear a bear bell, or take some bear spray. The following picture was from the start of my trail run in the summer of 2012. Fortunately bears are easily spooked and if they hear you they’ll most likely run away.

bear pic

Start of the Trails

The Lynn Loop and the Third Debris Chute start and end at the same point, crossing a bridge over the fast flowing river. I recommend running the trail in an anti-clockwise direction, so turning right over the bridge, along the river for 5 mins and then up the mountain side through the majestic forest. After around 10-12 minutes (running), the trail levels off and plateaus for a further 10/15 minutes. This is the point where the trail splits and you can either chose to continue on with the slightly further Third Debris Chute Trail, or head down the mountain and stay on the Lynn Loop Trail.

Third Debris Chute Trail – More of an Adventure

The Third Debris Chute Trail continues on, undulating through the forest (filled with Cedar and Hemlock trees) and through little streams for an additional 20/25 mins, it’s more of an adventure than the shorter Lynn Loop and well worth doing. Once you pop out at the Third Debris Chute there’s a stunning view of the river and mountain side, this is a great opportunity to take a break and splash your face with some mountain water. The trail then takes you along the river and over small wooden bridges, after 15/20mins it meets up with the Lynn Loop trail. The trail then continues along the river for a final 10/15mins, benefiting from some stunning vistas of the rushing river and mountainous landscape.

3rd Debris Chute














Picnic Area

Before you head over the bridge at the start of the trails, there’s a lovely grass area right next to the river with access to a couple of quaint little beaches. It’s a great spot to stop and have a snack, either before or after your adventure…

Transit Access to Lynn Loop

From downtown Vancouver, take the Seabus across to North Vancouver and at the Lonsdale Quay bus loop, take bus #228 to Lynn Valley. You will want to get off of the bus near the end of the route at Dempsey and Lynn Valley Road. Let the bus driver know where you are going and they can stop at the location.

After getting off the bus, walk down the paved road into the forest towards the parking area and the start of the trail.

Note: The bus will take you as far as the hairpin turn and you will have to walk the remaining distance along the narrow road to the yellow gate. Ask the bus driver for the best bus stop to get off at.

Dogs at Lynn Loop

Dogs must be on-leash at all times on the Lynn Loop trail and within Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of all waste in designated, bear proof garbage bins.

Toilets at Lynn Loop

Washroom facilities are located near the parking area before crossing the bridge.

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